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Toji Fushiguro Costume



Toji Fushiguro Costume


Come along with us, on the journey of bringing Toji Fushiguro to life. With a well-crafted costume, we will explore the character of Jujutsu Kaisen’s captivating narrative, Toji Foshiguro.

Toji, a character covered in mystery and clad in an ensemble that echoes his mysterious persona, invites enthusiasts to explore the depths of his unique style. Beyond the physical aesthetics of his character, this Best Toji Fushiguro Costume Ideas allows fans to channel the essence of this dreadful figure from the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.

Character of Toji Foshiguro

Toji Fushiguro’s character is expert in blending tradition with modernity, and his outfit stands as a visual proof to his prowess. The black t-shirt, with its tailored fit, becomes more than just fabric – it symbolizes Toji’s endurance in the face of chaos.

As you all embark on the journey of recreating this iconic look, they are not only wearing a costume, but they become a vessel for Toji’s intensity and determination.

As we dig into this guide, envision not just the threads that make up the costume but the narrative strands that weave together to form Toji Fushiguro’s character. The journey of assembling this costume is a tribute to the narrative mastery of Jujutsu Kaisen and the permanent mark left by Toji on the series.

Essentials of Toji Foshiguro Costume


Toji’s hairstyle matches his brown hue and is short and black. This hair wig is exactly what you need to wear to carry the same look as his from the series. The wig is made up from high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, that makes it look real and soft in texture. It comes along with a breathable rose net cap on the inside, that can be fitted onto almost every head size with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The texture of the wig is thick and supple, making it look real and human hair like. The wig features the same style as Toji’s hairstyle, that is short and black hair.


This black t-shirt is the base of Toji’s costume, so grab onto it right away. It is fabricated from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, making it breathable, lightweight and soft. It structures a V-neckline with a pull-on closure, short sleeves with open hem cuffs and a relaxed fit. The fabric of the t-shirt holds moisture wicking technology, that keeps you dry and cool all day long. The black color of the t-shirt makes it a basic piece of apparel in menswear, and a perfect inner wear to go along with outwears such as jackets, coats and blazers.


This black sash belt is exactly what you’ve spotted Toji wearing in the series, along with black t-shirt and sweatpants. This belt is crafted in chiffon, with a length of 98 inches and a width of approx. 3 inches. You can tie up this belt either at the front or back.


Pair up your upper apparel with a grey sweatpant, and get ready to replicate the same look that you’ve been loving on Toji Foshiguro. The sweatpants is fabricated from 100% polyester, with an elastic drawstring that sits perfectly on your waist line and can be adjusted as per your preference. The two side pockets offer good enough space to hold onto your essentials.

Plush Curse

Add up this plush curse to your cart next, and wrap it around your body to imitate the same look as Toji Foshiguro. This plush curse is fabricated from high quality materials, making it durable and sturdy. This will make you feel comfortable, and the soft and huggable feel is simply indescribable.


Last, but not the least, get a hold onto this sword, to showcase the same look as Toji Foshiguro. The sword is made up from PVC, that makes it highly sturdy and durable. This prop is exactly what you have spotted Toji Foshiguro holding onto

Accessories for Toji Foshiguro Costume

Facial Features

Toji’s scar across his face is a defining characteristic. Use makeup to recreate this scar, paying attention to its shape and placement.

Posture and Demeanor

Toji Fushiguro radiates confidence and intensity. Practice adopting his posture and attitude to fully immerse yourself in the character. Maintain a straight posture, and keep a no-nonsense attitude, while incorporating subtle yet impactful gestures.


Toji Foshiguro costume isn’t merely clothing and accessories; it’s a testament to his distinct style and solid presence in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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