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Siren Costume



Siren Costume


To unleash your allure and dig into the fascinating world of ocean waves, grab onto one of the majestic Siren costume.

From the flowing, unearthly gown that mirrors the movement of ocean waves to the regal seashell crown ornamenting your head, every element plays a crucial role in crafting the perfect Siren Costume.

Accessorize your outfit with ocean-inspired jewelry, that incorporates flowing scarves, adding elegance, along with footwear that completes your aquatic look.

The magic doesn’t stop here. There’s makeup that will become your artistic palette. Create mesmerizing mermaid scales, embrace dramatic eyes with deep blues and greens, and finish with glittering lips that shimmer like the sea or sewed lips for a scary Halloween look, complement your look with beachy waves or intricate braids for a hairstyle that completes the transformation.

This Halloween, let this Siren costume be your ultimate choice, to stand out amongst the crowd. This Best Siren Costume Ideas guide will explore the details that transform a costume from ordinary to extraordinary, ensuring you command attention at any gathering.

Essentials for Siren Costume


The foundation of this Siren costume relies in the base attire, that is, this ethereal purple dress. This long dress is fabricated from polyester fabric, that offers a flatting and flowy look. The scoop neckline with lace-up ties on the chest and a pull-on closure offers a convenient and secure wear. The long sleeves end up with elastic cuffs, and the jagged hem with flare offers a flaunting look to the apparel. This dress is exactly what you need to own, to carry the same look as Siren for this Halloween.


Your hair style will play a key role in defining your personality as Siren for the night. This hair wig is made up from high temperature high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, that makes it natural looking and soft to touch. It comes along with a breathable rose net cap on the inside, that can be adjusted onto almost every head size, with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The texture of the wig is quite thick and supple, that makes it look real and human hair like. The wig features the same style as Siren’s, that is long blonde hair with beach waves.


Transform yourself into a mythical sea creature with this white makeup all over your face. This clear liquid latex is made up from rubber tree, that can be applied to the skin to create 3D wrinkles of peeling skin. The realistic looking scars can be styled with this latex, without hurting your skin. The good thing is, this latex can be easily removed and not even stain your skin.

Mouth Stitches

By using this yarn, you can use a stitching pattern on your mouth, so that you can add a scary effect to your Siren costume. This yarn is made up from acrylic, which ensures to create a neat and beautiful crocheted pattern without the fear of pilling.

Bee Sclera

Add up these bee sclera lenses to your cart, and get the precise look that you’ve been admiring on Siren. These lenses offer a scary and witchy look, that a Halloween Siren would be carrying to the ocean waves. The lenses offer a diameter of 22mm with base curve of 11mm, making your eyes look huge and wide.


Go bold for the eyes by adding shades of royal scam to enhance and embrace the aquatic theme of ocean. This pencil by wet & wild features matte finish with a silky formula that perfectly glides on and blends into your skin. The velvety and cream to powder formula sticks perfectly on your eyes.

Nail Polish

Style up your nails with this purple shade, that perfectly blends in with the Siren costume. The nail paint structures cream finish, offering full coverage with every brush stroke.

Hooded Cloak

To elevate your Siren costume, wear up this hooded cloak over your dress and there you are, all set to leave for Halloween. This cloak is fabricated from satin fabric, making it highly soft, silky and breathable. The hooded collar with drawstring offers a secure and comfortable wear, with long and flattering length that goes till your toes.

Accessories for Siren Costume

Mermaid Scales

Use a fishnet stocking or stencil to create mermaid scales on your face and neck using shimmering eyeshadow or body paint.

Barefoot Sandals

For a more ethereal appearance, consider barefoot sandals featuring delicate chains and charms that drape over your feet.

Seashell Crown

Crown yourself with a majestic seashell crown to showcase your royal status as a Siren.

Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

Embellish yourself with jewelry that mimics the treasures of the deep sea. Look for accessories featuring pearls, shells, and aquatic motifs to add a touch of authenticity to your ensemble.


With this detailed costume, you can dive into the deep oceans of imagination and creativity. Get your hands on all the basics of her costume, and get ready to stand out amongst the crowd.

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