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Sheldon Cooper Costume



Sheldon Cooper Costume


If you’re one of the biggest fan of The Big Bang Theory, with a fondness for superheroes, then what could be better than channeling your inner Sheldon Copper with Green Lantern Costume?

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, P.H.D., the brilliant physicist from the show is adored for his quirky personality and a unique fashion sense. He is committed to his favorite comic book characters, be it Mr. Spock, The Flash or Green Lantern – he is an inspiration to fans worldwide.

In this Best Sheldon Cooper Costume Ideas, we’ll go through the layers of Sheldon’s quirky personality, while throwing some light on his unique dressing sense. We will dig into his obsession with Green Lantern, by going through the essentials of his costume, along with accessories and other details.

Essentials of Sheldon Cooper Green Lantern Costume

To imitate the same Sheldon Cooper’s Green Lantern’s look from The Big Bang Theory, following are the essentials to grab on.


To complement the Green Lantern logo t-shirt, this is the pant that you need to wear up for the day. This brown plaid pant is exactly what Sheldon Cooper is spotted wearing on the show, so don’t you miss it. The pant is constructed from 100% polyester, making it highly breathable, soft and lightweight. It structures a midrise waistband that sits comfortably on your natural waist line and offers a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. The invisible flex waistband with a flat front and straight fit offers a comfortable wear. The off-seam front pockets, side tech pocket and double welt pockets provide good enough space to hold onto your essentials.

Green Lantern Tee

The foundation of Sheldon Cooper’s Green Lantern costume is this Green Lantern Tee. This t-shirt features the same style and pattern that he is spotted wearing on the show. The t-shirt is fabricated from polyester fabric, that makes it highly breathable, soft and lightweight. It features a crew neckline with a pull-on closure, with short sleeves and open hem cuffs. The fabric of the tee has moisture wicking technology, that keeps you dry and cool all day long. The double needle stitching on the collar, cuffs and hem offer durability along with comfort. The symbol of Green Lantern Corps is styled on the chest, that makes it the perfect representation of his obsession with superheroes. Wear up this shirt with the above-mentioned plaid pant, and feel confident embodying the unique style of Sheldon Cooper.


Sheldon Cooper is known for his unique style of dressing and a quirky personality. One thing that’s repetitive about his outfits, is his double layered shirts. He is spotted wearing an inner wear with his superhero inspired t-shirts. Under his Green Lantern tee, he is wearing this long sleeved red t-shirt, that makes his appearance bolder and confident. This t-shirt is fabricated from 100% cotton, that provides comfort, breathability and durability. It features a double needle cover-seamed crew neckline, with a pull-on closure. The long fitted sleeves with open hem cuffs offer a comfortable and fitted wear. The fabric of the t-shirt is super soft, and holds moisture wicking technology that keeps you dry and cool all day long.

Accessories for Sheldon Cooper Green Lantern Costume

Green Lantern Power Ring

Sheldon got himself the Green Lantern Power Ring from his friend and colleague Raj. This costume will be incomplete without the distinctive and powerful ring, which in the source of Green Lantern’s abilities.


Don’t forget to mimic the same hair style as Sheldon’s to carry the same look that he is spotted with in The Big Bang Theory. To embrace his personality to the fullest, style your hair to a clean and parted look, to capture the essence of his grooming habits.

Facial Expressions

Have you noticed the devilish look in Sheldon’s eyes when he corrects someone? Well, try to master Sheldon’s expressions, the one he gives when he’s confused, or when he knows he’s right. This will make you truly embody his personality.


With all the above essentials and accessories, you will not only be able to imitate the same look as Sheldon Cooper’s in his Green Lantern costume, but you will be able to reflect your passion for the world of superheroes as well. This is your opportunity to showcase your creation and dedicate all your love and respect to Sheldon Cooper.

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