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How to Dress Like

Sandra Costume



Sandra Costume

This is a treat for all those who have been finding simplicity and peace within nature. This is a shout-out for all the Big Fish followers. In this Best Sandra Costume guide, we will go through the details of Sandra’s costume, that is simple and subtle, yet the most beautiful and graceful.

About Big Fish

Big Fish is an adventure fantasy drama movie, directed by Tim Burton, and written by John August and Daniel Wallace. The focus of the movie is on how Edward Bloom, a young and frustrated son, tries to determine fact from fiction in his dying father’s life. The character of Sandra is an essential part of the movie, as it brings out the colorful narrative of Edward’s life.

About Sandra Bloom

The character of Sandra Bloom is carried out Jessica Lange in Big Fish, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say, that she’s not only a character, but is a core symbol of love, warmth and resilience. He provides Edward with grounding force in his fantastical adventures, with a harmonious blend of elegance and simplicity.

Essentials for Sandra Costume

This costume comprises of all the essentials that will embrace you with the subtle and simple look of Sandra’s. Explore the entire guide, and cherish the look that you’ve been adoring in Big Fish.


Incorporate these beautiful daffodils into your costume, and replicate the same look that Sandra Bloom is spotted with in Big Fish. These flowers bring the feel of fresh ones, with their realistic and beautiful texture. These artificial daffodils are constructed from latex, that makes them durable and vivid. The stem of the flowers is internally wired that makes it easy and flexible to hold and place.

Short Sleeve Dress

Sandra Bloom’s dress is a testimony of her elegance and grace. The flowy and flattering look of her dress makes us fall in love with her. The dress is fabricated from 100% polyester, making it lightweight, breathable and soft. The V-neckline with an elastic and belted waistline is paired up with a flowy swing pleated hem. The ruffle sleeves offer a romantic bohemian look, that makes this dress stand out amongst all.

Sleeveless Dress

This sleeveless dress worn by Sandra Bloom in Big Fish brings out the simple and subtle personality of hers, that blends in with nature. This dress is constructed from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, that makes it super soft, lightweight and smooth. This cute dress features a V-neckline with an A-line shape, sweetheart neckline and smocked top. The concealed zipper at the back with adjustable straps offer a secure and fitted wear.

Accessories for Sandra Costume

Embrace Simplicity

Sandra’s charm lies in her simplicity. When wearing the flattering dress, focus on embodying the character’s gentle and unassuming nature. Let the elegance of the dress speak for itself, and carry yourself with the same quiet grace that defines Sandra.

Connect with Nature

Take a cue from Sandra’s empathy for nature by incorporating natural elements into your look. Consider wearing the outfit for outdoor events or photoshoots, where you are surrounded by flowers and greenery that will evoke the enchanting atmosphere of Big Fish.

Radiate Warmth and Love

Sandra is a character known for her warmth and boundless love. Channel these qualities by interacting with others with kindness and affection. Your embodiment of Sandra’s spirit will make the costume truly come alive.


The magical world of Big Fish calls for love, family and simplicity. Find happiness in the smallest moments. Dress up like the gorgeous Sandra, and embrace her spirit to the fullest. Feel confident and beautiful and let nature bring out the spark within you.

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