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How to Dress Like Robotic Girl


Best Robotic Girl Costume Guide

Step into the gripping and suspenseful world of Squid Game with the Green Light, Red Light Doll costume — an unmistakable symbol of the Netflix series that has captivated audiences worldwide.

This hauntingly iconic ensemble brings to life the mysterious robotic figures that oversee the deadly game, making it an ideal choice for Halloween, cosplay events, or themed parties.

In this comprehensive Best Robotic Girl Costume Guide, we will dig into the details of recreating the Green Light, Red Light Doll’s chilling presence, ensuring that every detail is accurately covered for an authentic and unforgettable transformation.

As you embark on this costume journey, you’ll not only capture the essence of the Squid Game phenomenon but also command attention with a portrayal that mirrors the eerie and calculated demeanor of these game overseers. From the orange flared dress to the girly hairstyle and the subtle nuances of movement, our guide will equip you with the tools and insights needed to embody this unforgettable character.

So, whether you’re a Squid Game superfan or simply seeking a costume that stands out in the crowd, join us in unlocking the secrets to bringing the Green Light, Red Light Doll to life. Are you ready to play?

The Essentials of Robotic Girl Costume


Embrace the iconic allure of the Green Light, Red Light Doll with this vivid orange dress. The dress is fabricated with precision, and features a tailored fit, A-line silhouette, and a scoop neckline. The high-quality fabric ensures comfort while maintaining the character’s distinctive look. It is perfect for cosplay or themed events.

Blouse with Peter Pan Collar

Elevate your Green Light, Red Light Doll ensemble with this solid yellow colored blouse. This blouse captures the essence of the character’s wardrobe, featuring a peter pan collar, short sleeves, elastic cuffs and a tailored fit. The vibrant yellow hue adds a pop of color, ensuring authenticity and attention to detail in your Squid Game-inspired look.


Complete the Green Light, Red Light Doll costume with these pristine White Socks. Designed for both comfort and style, these socks offer a classic knee-high length, adding the finishing touch to your Squid Game attire. The crisp white color enhances the doll’s uniform appearance, making your costume truly stand out.


These shoes will stride you confidently into the Squid Game world. These are designed for both comfort and authenticity; and will perfectly complement the doll costume. The flat shoes are constructed froma leather like upper, with durable rubber outsole, ensuing that you can confidently maneuver through the game, echoing the eerie movements of the character.


Embrace the same Robotic Girl’s look with these functional and stylish hair ties. These are crafted in plastic, with elasticity, for a touch of fun and flair.

Hair Clips

Elevate your Green Light, Red Light Doll transformation with these hair clips. These clips are designed for precision and authenticity, and will help you recreate the doll’s sleek hairstyle. Add the finishing touch to your costume and captivate attention with every particular detail.

Add-ons for Robotic Girl Costume

Posture and Movements

Pay attention to your posture and movements to mimic the stiff and calculated demeanor of the Green Light, Red Light Doll. Move deliberately and avoid expressive gestures. Practice the distinctive head turns and pauses seen in the Squid Game series to fully embody the character.


To enhance the authenticity of your costume, carry a red or green light prop. Wave the green light enthusiastically during the “Green Light” phase and freeze during “Red Light.”

By grabbing onto this Green Light, Red Light Doll costume from Squid Game, you’re not just wearing an outfit; you’re stepping into the unnerving world of the hit Netflix series. This costume is more than just a combination of fabric and accessories – it’s a statement, a conversation starter, and a witness to your creativity. As you bring the doll to life, remember to embrace the robotic movements, the emotionless gaze, and the eerie commands. Whether you’re navigating a Halloween party, a cosplay event, or a Squid Game-themed gathering, your attention to detail will not only make you stand out but will also transport those around you to the suspenseful world of the deadly competition.