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Princess Daisy Costume



Princess Daisy Costume


Let’s relive our childhood memories by going down the memory lane of our favorite video game – Super Mario. And how iconic it would be, to replicate the look of your favorite video game character and walk amongst your friends and family?

Princess Daisy from the Super Mario franchise, is a vibrant and adventurous Princess, who is adored throughout the game. With this Best Princess Daisy Costume Ideas guide, let’s bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life. This is your moment to channel your inner royalty.

About Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy is a spirited and vibrant character in the Super Mario universe, known for her fiery personality, energy and determination. She radiates love for sports and athletic powers, that showcases her free, competitive spirit and zest for life.

She is also adored for her charismatic presence and distinctive style, with a vibrant yellow gown and some solid accessories.

Essentials for Princess Daisy Costume


At the heart of Princess Daisy’s look, this costume is what mirrors her grace, energy and charm. This radiant yellow dress is what you need to have in your wardrobe. The dress is fabricated from high quality polyester fabric, that makes it breathable, lightweight and soft. It features a round neckline with lace decoration, and a back zipper for a bodice wear. The flared dress embraces you with the same grace of a Princess that you’ve been inspired by.


Princess Daisy’s hair style speaks for grace and royalty. This flowing and natural brown hair wig with loose waves is exactly what Princess Daisy is spotted with in Super Mario franchise. The wig is made up from high quality synthetic fiber, that makes it natural looking and soft to touch. It comes along with a breathable rose net cap on the inside, that can be fitted onto almost every head size. The loose waves with side bangs offer the same look as the Princess’s.


Accessorize your outfit with these white gloves, exactly what’s a basic part of Princess Daisy’s costume. These gloves are made up from satin fabric, offering a breathable and comfortable wear. The soft and flattering fabric of the gloves provide a super soft and smooth feel against your skin. The tailored fit of the gloves ensures a luxurious look, with grace and elegance.


Hold onto this cute little plush mushroom to bring Super Mario vibe to life. This mushroom is made up from 100% soft plush fabric, featuring a mushroom design that replicates Mario’s head.

Accessories for Princess Daisy Costume


This crown is a must-have accessory if you want to replicate the same royal status of Princess Daisy. Opt for a golden crown with six distinctive points, and for an extra touch of authenticity, look for one embellished with a small daisy emblem at its center.


Enhance your Princess Daisy look with blue earrings and a matching necklace. Choose pieces that complement the dress without overshadowing the ensemble.

Socks and Shoes

Princess Daisy completes her look with ankle-length socks and white heeled shoes. Ensure that your socks closely match the dress color, and find comfortable white heels to complete the ensemble.


With this royal and luxurious Princess Daisy costume, you’re not just replicating the same look as hers; you are immersing yourself into the world of adventure where Princess Daisy belongs. So, grab onto all the essentials and accessories of Princess Daisy’s costume, and you are there, look just as beautiful, strong and gorgeous as her!

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