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Olette Costume



Olette Costume


Olette, a character from Kingdom Hearts II is one of the most responsible residents of Twilight Town. Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games by Japanese game designers Tetsuya Nomura.

The game is based in an original fictional universe, and centers on the main character Sora. The storyline of Kingdom Hearts II is set one year after the events of Chain of Memories. The gameplay follows the storyline of the initial Kingdom Hearts game with much more material than the original release. The game was released on 29th March 2007.

The gameplay, storyline, graphics, visuals and animations are highly mature and admirable. Also, we loved the wardrobe collection of the game, especially the wardrobe selection for Olette’s.

This Best Olette Costume Ideas holds all the essentials that you’d need to replicate the same look as Olette’s from the show. All you need to do is go through the guide and get your hands on all the essentials so that you can carry the same look as Olette’s.

Essentials for Olette Costume

Tank Top

To replicate the same look that Olette is spotted with on the game, this is the tank-top that you need to get your hands onto. The tank top is fabricated from 100% polyester, that makes it lightweight, soft, and breathable. It features a scoop neckline paired up with a pull-on closure, along with sleeveless sleeves and straight hem. The bodice fit hugs onto your curves and offers a fitted wear.


Style up your outfit with this choker and get ready to look like your favorite gaming character Olette. The choker is crafted in a rope chain type with stone in the middle. The necklace measures approx. 45cm in length with a braided cord that makes it durable and strong. The choker is 100% handmade with exquisite craftsmanship. The aquamarine birthstone attached to the chain looks unique and classy.


Add this mermaid glass bracelet to your outfit and embrace the same look that you’ve been loving on Olette in the game. The bracelet is crafted from round glass beads and is further coated for a stunning and lustrous look. The wild freedom and rebellious spirits of this bracelet makes it a worthy addition to your collection.

Paint (Shoe Soles)

Get your hands on this black paint for shoelaces and get ready to imitate the same look as Olette’s. The paint features semi-gloss finishing in solid black, that has water-based formula so that it doesn’t become hazardous.

Fabric Paint (Shoes)

Next, this yellow fabric paint can be applied onto the shoes and offer you the same look that Olette is spotted with. The paint features matte finish in high quality.


Add these shoelaces to your cart and you are almost there with all the basics of Olette’s costume. These laces are made of 100% polyester, with a width of 0.6cm. The high-quality material of the laces ensures to be durable and long-lasting.

Running Shoes

Next, these running shoes are what you need to add to your cart next. These shoes are constructed from a polyester upper shell paired up with a toe design and lace-up closure. The padded collar and tongue offer secure and perfect wear. The inner side of the shoes feature soft memory foam insole for a cushioned and comfortable wear. The durable outsole increases traction and promises a slip-resistant wear.


Pair up these orange socks with your outfit and you are almost there with the same look that you’ve been inspired by. These socks are made of 80% combed cotton, 15% spandex and 5% elastane, making them breathable and lightweight.

Bias Tape

Add up this bias tape to your cart and get a hold onto all the accessories that completes Olette’s costume.


Last but not least, this hair wig will embrace you with the same look that you’ve been adoring on Olette. This wig is made of 100% high temperature synthetic fiber, making it breathable and natural looking. It features a breathable rose net cap that can be adjusted onto almost every head size with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The supple and thick texture makes it look human hair like. The wig features long and curly brown hair with side bangs.


So, what are you waiting for? Go through the guide again and get your hands on all the elements to look just like your favorite character Olette from Kingdom Hearts II.

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