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Neferpitou Costume



Neferpitou Costume


For those who haven’t watched Hunter x Hunter, this is your hint to start streaming it right away. Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi. The focus of the show is on a young boy who finds out that his father, who left him at a young age, is a well-known Hunter. So now the little boy, Gon, embarks on a mission to become a Hunter and find his father.

The show is admired for its graphics, visuals, storyline, and characterization. Amongst all the characters from the show, Neferpitou has stole our hearts. Neferpitou, also known as Pitou is one of the secondary antagonists of the Chimera Ant arc.

Neferpitou is a cat-like Chimera Ant but mostly appears humanoid. Her feminine appearance with a playful and loyal personality has made us fall for her. If you have been adoring the cute yet dominant look of hers from the show, then this is where you need to be.

This Best Neferpitou Costume Ideas guide holds all the essentials that you’d need to carry the same look as hers from the manga series Hunter x Hunter. All you need to do is go through the guide and get your hands on all the essentials.

So, start digging in.

Essentials for Neferpitou Costume


This cosplay costume is the forefront of Neferpitou’s costume. This costume is fabricated from a blend of spandex and elastic, that ensures comfort, breathability, and stretchability. It structures a classic shirt style collar reaching down to a front buttoned closure for a classic fit, with long sleeves that end up with buttoned cuffs. The coat adopts elastic fabric as the material, which makes it comfortable and flexible enough. The gold metal buttons over this blue costume makes it look royal and classy.

Doll Tights

Next, add these doll tights to your cart next and get ready to replicate the same look as Neferpitou’s from the show. These tights are made of high-quality cored wire, that gives the perfect look of doll legs. The length of the tights is approx. 100cm.

Coffin Press on Nails

Accessorize your outfit with these coffin press on nails and make sure that you look exactly like the cat-like Chimera Ant. These nails will doll up your fingers right away and make you carry the same look that you’ve been seeking for. These press on nails are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene featuring a coffin design and nude almond polish.

Cat Ears/Tail Cosplay

Put on these cat ears and tail to replicate the same look that Neferpitou is carrying on the show. These fake cat ears and tail will embrace you with the same cat features that completes Pitou’s look. These are crafted from faux fur, that makes them soft and comfortable. The ears are about 3.5inches high and the tail is about 31.5inches long. Each ear features a clip that ensures a secure hold onto your hair. The belt type for the tail with a wire inside of half tail gives you the perfect shape.


For the footwear, grab onto these sneakers and get done with your look. The sneakers are constructed from a canvas upper, featuring a pull-on closure with padded collar and tongue. The inner side of the sneakers structure soft memory foam insole that promises comfort and cushioning to your feet all day long. The durable rubber outsole increases traction and ensures a slip-resistant wear.

Rit Dye (Ears)

Neferpitou’s ears are yellow, so you’ve got to make yours too. This liquid dye in gold yellow will add authenticity to your look. The dye can be applied onto every kind of fabric, wood, paper or cork.

Shredders 21mm Fangs

Don’t miss out on these shredders’ fangs, exactly like the ones that Neferpitou is spotted with in Hunter x Hunter. These fangs are crafted in ultra-realistic durable material with a clip-on fit that ensures a perfect fit onto your existing teeth. The material of the fangs makes it non-toxic, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic. Thes fangs measure approx. 21mm, that is just perfect!

Cosplay Wig

Lastly, this cosplay wig will embrace you with the same look as Neferpitou’s from Hunter x Hunter. The wig is made of high-quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, that makes it natural looking and soft to touch. It comes along with a breathable rose net cap that can be fitted onto almost every head size with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The thick and supple texture of the wig makes it look real and human hair like. The wig features the same style as Neferpitou’s, that is silver short and curly hair.


Go through the above-mentioned guide once again and grab onto all the essentials to look like your favorite character Neferpitou, from your favorite manga series Hunter x Hunter.

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