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How to Dress Like Money Heist


Best Money Heist Costume Guide

Who hasn’t watched Money Heist, eh? The Spanish heist crime drama TV series, for Netflix, has been an ultimate hit. The show revolves around an unusual group of robbers, carrying out the perfect bank heist in Spanish history.

The show has been admired for its direction, script, characterization and wardrobe collection. The outfits worn by the characters throughout the show have been quite catchy, and attractive.

In this Best Money Heist Costume Guide, we have the most iconic robber outfit, comprising of a red jumpsuit and mask. All you have to do, is go through the guide, and grab onto all the essentials, to imitate the same look that you’ve been inspired by.


This costume is constructed from cotton fabric, offering a comfortable and basic wear. It structures a turned down collar with a hoodie and a front zippered closure. The long sleeves end up with ribbed cuffs, and the two front zipper pockets with two patch pockets are the additional features of the jumpsuit. The fabric of the jumpsuit has moisture wicking technology, that keeps you dry and cool all day long. The red color of the costume looks catchy.


This cosplay mask worn by the robbers in Money Heist is what you need to add to your cart next. The mask is made up from latex, making it comfortable and lightweight. The mask offers a realistic look, with breathable holes for eyes and nose. This is exactly what the robbers is wearing along with their red jumpsuits.


Accessorize your outfit with this pistol, and come up with the daring and compelling look that your favorite robbers have been spotted with in Money Heist. This pistol is made up from plastic, with metal hardware and firm grip.


Grab onto this brown holster and replicate the same look that you’ve been inspired by. The holster is constructed from high quality and durable PU leather, offering a premium and long-lasting use. The hand-stitched shoulder belt and holster can hold onto ammo and weapons, with solid metal rivets and neat stitching. The adjustable shoulder straps fit onto your shoulders as per your preference.


For the footwear, wear up these black military boots, and you are done with your look as one of the robbers from Money Heist. These boots are constructed from a polish-able top grain leather and nylon fabric upper, with fore and back bumper in toe and heel. The material of the boots makes them sturdy, hard and strengthened. The soft inner mesh lining on the inside with padded collar offers breathability, that keeps your feet cool and dry. Lastly, the durable rubber outsole increases traction and provides a slip resistant wear.

Embrace the same look as your favorite character from Money Heist, by pairing up all the essentials together. This is the look that will make you stand out amongst all, so go for it, and let the world see how obsessed you are with this crime watch.