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Miroku Costume



Miroku Costume


In the world of television, there are several movies and TV series that go beyond just entertainment; they represent historical backgrounds and cultures. InuYasha is a manga series, that brings out the essence of the Buddhism culture, and explores different symbols, elements and intricacies.

The character of Miroku, a monk from the series InuYasha, is one of an inspiring character. He is brave and has been willing to sacrifice his life for the lives of innocents. Also, he is one of the kindest monks.

Miroku’s character is an inspiration to all the leaders out there. And if you’ve been seeking his outfit over the internet lately, then consider this your lucky day. Best Miroku Costume Ideas holds all the essentials that one needs to carry the same look as his. Grab onto all the essentials listed below, and get ready to embrace the same look as Miroku’s from InuYasha.

Essentials for Miroku Costume


The first thing that you need to add to your cart is this Yukata. This is traditionally worn by Buddhist monks, symbolizing simplicity and humility. This robe is fabricated from cotton fabric, that is further lined with soft viscose fabric lining on the inside, for a relaxed and comfortable wear. The shawl lapel style collar comes down to a front buttoned closure for a relaxed fit, with three-quarter sleeves and open hem cuffs. The two large pockets on the waist offer ample space to hold onto your essentials.


Match up this black pant (hakama) with your black robe and replicate the same look that you’ve been admiring on Miroku in InuYasha. This pant is constructed from 100% polyester, that makes it breathable, lightweight and soft. The hakama is stitched on the inside so that it is easier to walk. The fabric of the pant is sturdy and durable, with ease of movement and flexibility.

Buddhist Prayer Beads

Don’t miss out on holding on this Buddhist prayer beads bracelet, that Miroku is spotted holding onto in the series. This bracelet features a string with shaded blue gemstones, making them look catchy. The no clasp closure ensures comfortable wear on your wrist.


Get your hands on this blue tablecloth, that you can use to drop over your shoulders as a cloak. This cloth is fabricated from polyester fabric, making it lightweight, soft and breathable. It measures approx. 90 x 156 inches in a rectangular shape. The luxurious feel of the cloth makes it an essential in your collection.

Forearm Guard

Accessorize your look with these black forearm guards and cherish the same look that you’ve been admiring on Miroku in the series. The forearm guard is crafted in polyester fabric, with soft padding on the inside for breathable wear. The guard perfectly fits onto your wrist and makes you carry the same look as Miroku’s.


Next, these long gloves are exactly what you’ve been looking for. These gloves are fabricated from satin fabric, that makes it lightweight, breathable and comfortable. It features a fingerless design, but with a touch of elegance and grace. The practical design of the gloves ensures a fitted wear.

Shakujo Staff

Lastly, this staff is an essential part of Miroku’s costume. The staff features metal rings that jingles every time they move. It fulfils both symbolic and practical purposes. As a weapon, this staff helps Miroku in defending himself and others against supernatural threats.


While imitating the appearance of Miroku, we are uncovering a tapestry of symbolism and history. From the basic yukata to the shakuja staff, every detail digs deeper into the Buddhism culture and spirituality.

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