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How to Dress Like Miguel Rivera


Best Miguel Rivera Costume Guide

Halloween, a time of enchantment and creativity, is just around the corner. It’s that bewitching season when costumes take center stage, allowing us to step into the shoes of our favorite characters and bring our imagination to life. If you’re seeking a costume that combines charm, musical flair, and cultural richness, look no further than Miguel Rivera from Disney-Pixar’s animated masterpiece, “Coco“.

Miguel Rivera, the spirited protagonist of “Coco“, enchants audiences with his passion for music, love for family, and a journey that transcends the living and the deceased. As you embark on the adventure of creating your Miguel Rivera costume, you’ll not only be embodying a beloved character but also delving into the vibrant traditions of Dia de los Muertos.

This Best Miguel Rivera Costume Guide will take you step-by-step through the process of crafting an authentic Miguel Rivera costume that goes beyond surface-level mimicry. From the intricate Day of the Dead face paint to the carefully selected traditional Mexican clothing, each detail has been considered to ensure your transformation into Miguel is nothing short of magical.

So, whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer aiming for perfection or a spontaneous Halloween enthusiast seeking a costume that stands out, let’s dive into the world of Miguel Rivera and create a Halloween look that captures the essence of this heartwarming tale. Get ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in style as we bring Miguel Rivera to life in a way that will make your Halloween truly unforgettable.

Understanding the Character of Miguel Rivera

Before you dive into creating your Miguel Rivera costume, it’s essential to understand the character and his unique style. Miguel is the protagonist of Disney-Pixar’s “Coco”, and his attire reflects his Mexican heritage. He is a young musician with a passion for music and a deep connection to his family’s traditions.

Essentials of Miguel Rivera Costume

Coco Hoodie Jacket

Miguel’s outfit comprises of this red hoodie jacket, that makes him stand out amongst the crowd. This hoodie jacket is fabricated from cotton blend, with viscose lining on the inside, that offers a comfortable wear. The hooded style collar is paired up with a front buttoned closure, with long sleeves and two waist pouches. The red color of the hoodie jacket makes it look catchy and attractive.


Pair up this blue t-shirt with the red hooded jacket that you grabbed onto, and get ready to imitate the same look as Miguel’s from Coco. This t-shirt is fabricated from 100% cotton, offering comfort along with breathability. The crew neckline comes along with a pull-on closure, short sleeves and relaxed fit. The fabric of the t-shirt has moisture wicking technology, and keeps you dry and cool all day long.


For the bottom, add up this blue jean to your cart next, and get done with your look as Miguel’s for the day. The jean is constructed from 99% cotton and 1% elastane, that makes it breathable and stretchy. The midrise waistband sits comfortably on your natural waist line and provides a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. The jean furthermore structures a zip fly with button closure, classic five pocket design and regular fit.


For the footwear, these are the boots that you need to grab onto next. These boots structure a genuine leather upper with durable rubber outsole. The inner side of the boots structure soft memory foam insole on the inside, for an extra cushioned and comfortable wear. The lace-up closure and pull-on tab offers a convenient wear, whilst the durable outsole increases traction and provides a slip-resistant wear.


Since Miguel is a passionate musician, don’t forget to carry a guitar prop. This guitar is exactly like the one that you’ve been looking for. It features a skull at the head, with hold down buttons on neck and strum strings to hear cord. It lights up for authentic detailing, with bright yellow highlights.

Accessories for Miguel Rivera Costume

Day of the Dead Face Paint

Miguel’s face paint is an integral part of his costume. The sugar skull design on his face represents the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. To recreate this look, you’ll need black, white, and colored face paints. You can find various tutorials online to help you achieve the sugar skull design.


Miguel has short, dark brown hair. Style your hair accordingly, or consider using a wig to achieve Miguel’s look accurately. If your hair is longer, you can slick it back to match the character.

Ensure that the clothing fits well and resembles Miguel’s attire in both color and style. You can find similar items at local thrift stores or online retailers.

Makeup Setting Spray

To ensure that your face paint stays in place throughout the night, use a makeup setting spray. This will prevent smudging and keep your sugar skull design intact.

Bringing Miguel Rivera to Life

Once you’ve assembled all the elements of your Miguel Rivera costume, it’s time to bring the character to life:

Practice Your Poses

Miguel is known for his expressive and passionate personality. Practice some of his signature poses to fully embody the character. This will make your costume more convincing and enjoyable for others to appreciate.

Learn a Song

Since Miguel is a musician, consider learning a song from “Coco” to perform at the Halloween party. It could be a memorable moment that adds an extra layer of entertainment to your costume.

As you put the finishing touches on your Miguel Rivera costume, remember that this isn’t just about dressing up for Halloween; it’s an opportunity to embody the spirit of a character who teaches us about the power of family, music, and embracing one’s cultural heritage. Your dedication to recreating Miguel’s look reflects not only your love for “Coco” but also your appreciation for the rich traditions embedded in the Day of the Dead celebration.