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Lucy Fallout Costume



Lucy Fallout Costume


Fallout is an incredible American action, adventure, and drama TV series set in the far future. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles that was devastated by nuclear decimation. At this time, citizens were compelled to live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants, and bandits. The show is based on a role-playing video game franchise created by Tim Cain.

The show has one released season and has received a generally amazing review from the audience and the critics. It has an amazing cast, including Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, and many others.

The show is loved for several aspects, including the storyline, the execution, the cast, their performances, and the costumes worn on-screen. However, most of the audience loved the costumes worn by Ella Purnell as Lucy MacLean. These attires are lovely, stylish, trending, and highly in-demand. And we are sure you’d love to add the Lucy Fallout Costume to your wardrobe.

If you adore her amazing look on-screen, we are sure you would want to get that outfit for yourself, too. We’re here to help you with this Lucy Fallout Costume Guide, which will help you pick your outfit if you’re planning to dress up like Lucy.

Below is a list of her signature bridal yet coolest costumes; get them one by one and complete your Lucy outfit in a snap!


This dress was worn by her in the most thrilling of scenes. If you’re planning to dress up as Lucy for any costume party or cosplay, this is the essence of your entire outfit. This gorgeous dress is vintage and imported. It’s made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex material. It has a zipper back, a scoop neck, and short sleeves. Although she wore it in a white color, you can choose from a range of colors available in our collection.

You can also wear this dress to a vintage party. We’re sure you would turn some heads and grab a lot of attention. You’ll surely slay your look! Get it now!


This vintage skirt is going to look gorgeous on you—just like it did on Lucy in the show! It’s imported and made of 100% premium polyester to give you the perfect flow! Pair it up with a cropped shirt, and you’re ready to break some hearts on your way to the party! This skirt is available in a range of colors so you can choose your preferred one. Get your skirt now and make your look worth remembering.

Bridal Veil

To complete the look of Lucy, you need this gorgeous bridal veil. This veil was the essence of Lucy’s signature look. This gorgeous veil is made of high-quality and premium veil material. It can be the perfect gift for a to-be bride or just the perfect accessory to wear for your costume party if you’re planning to dress up like Lucy. Get your veil in white now and complete her signature look.


Footwear is the ultimate make-or-break game for your outfit. It’s important to choose your footwear wisely – just like Lucy did. Her choice of footwear throughout the show was lovely! Especially the footwear of her signature look – the bridal look. These shoes are made of PU material and have a comfortable rubber sole. It has a buckle closure and chunky heels and is available in a variety of colors. These gorgeous shoes are lightweight, durable, and highly comfortable. You can wear them all day long, and your feet won’t hurt.


Want to impeccably copy Lucy’s look? You can’t miss out on her amazing belt. This gorgeous and eye-catching belt she wore is available in our collection. It’s made of premium plastic material, is imported, and can be cleaned with a quick wipe. It’s around 60 inches long, has 96 bullets, and is the perfect look to frighten anyone anytime! However, do not worry, as the skeleton is made up of tested material, won’t cause any allergies, and is harmless. Get this signature belt now and give your outfit the perfect final touch.

Paint Fabric

We’ve got the perfect gadget for you to help you wear any color, any time you desire. With this high-quality and imported fabric paint, you can now paint your attire any color you desire. This fabric paint is from the popular brand Jacquard. It has a glossy finish, is crack-resistant, and is available in a range of colors to get your desired look. So, what are you waiting for? Get your preferred color now and wear whichever color your heart desires.


A bridal look is never complete without a flower bouquet. Get this bouquet now to complete your look of Lucy. It’s made of silk flowers, is made in the shape and style of sunflowers, and is the perfect choice for vintage weddings and traditional brides to hold. You can also put these in your room to give it a pop of color and make your place look refreshing and natural.


Lucy is one of the show’s most trending and beloved characters. If you plan on dressing up like her, you can find her entire costume guide in our collection. Slay your look as Lucy for all your costume parties, cosplays, and/or Halloween parties this year. We’re sure this character will stay in demand and trend for a long period of time. Get this outfit now and make your appearance a memorable one.

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