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How to Dress Like Ken Masters


Best Ken Masters Costume Guide

Halloween, cosplay events, or even themed parties bring the perfect opportunities to step into the shoes of our favorite characters. While you can dress up as anything, or anyone, there’s a whole world of costume possibilities beyond the high seas.

In this Best Ken Masters Costume Guide, we’ll explore the exhilarating realm of Ken Masters, a legendary Street Fighter character, and offer insights on how to recreate his iconic look using the Ken Masters Costume from Costume Junction.

The Evolution of Ken Masters

Before we dig into the details of assembling the perfect Ken Masters costume, let’s take a brief trip down memory lane to understand the evolution of this iconic Street Fighter character. Created by Capcom, Ken Masters made his debut in the original Street Fighter game in 1987, alongside his best friend and rival, Ryu. Over the years, Ken has become a staple of the gaming world, known for his fiery spirit, red outfit, and distinctive martial arts moves.


Imitate the same look as Ken Masters with this hair wig, styled in trendy short blond shade. It is crafted from high-quality Japanese heat-resistant synthetic hair, that boasts a natural appearance similar to real human hair, making it ideal for year-round use. The adjustable size ensures a comfortable fit for most head sizes, and the breathable design adds to its wear ability. Whether it’s for daily wear or cosplay, this wig’s slightly messy style adds a touch of fashionable flair.


These are exactly like the same gloves that you’ve spotted Ken Masters wearing with his red uniform. The glove seamlessly transitions between grappling and striking, eliminating the need for glove changes during intense sessions. These are constructed with technologically advanced SBL engineered leather and hand-shaped foam, and ensures a snug fit, exceptional comfort, with unmatched durability. The Durasoft Impact Protection Foam provides superior hand protection, reducing the risk of injuries during training. The premium lining not only enhances comfort but also prevents excess moisture absorption, extending the lifespan of the glove. With a convenient Hook and Loop Closure System and a long over-strap for a secure fit, these gloves redefine versatility and performance.

Red Karate Uniform

Add up this red karate uniform to carry the same look as Ken’s. The costume is fabricated from elastic fabric, while ensuring a comfortable fit for all sizes. The elastic waistband, complete with a tie, guarantees easy on and off, while the machine-washable design eliminates the need for dry cleaning. The set includes a striking red jacket, coordinating red pants, and a stylish white belt to complete the look. The lightweight material, makes this ensemble ideal for all year round.


Hold onto this pair of scissors to imitate the same look that you’ve been inspired. Crafted by the renowned brand SINGER, these classic scissors boast stainless steel blades that effortlessly cut through fabrics with ease. The 8-1/2-inch size strikes the perfect balance between versatility and control, making it an ideal choice for various sewing and crafting projects. The comfortable grip ensures fatigue-free cutting, allowing you to tackle your tasks with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a DIY enthusiast, these scissors are a must-have tool.


Lastly, this belt will complete your look for the day. It is made up from a premium blend of Cotton and Terylene, which offers both comfort and durability during difficult training sessions. The sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to your martial arts uniform. With a width of 4cm (1.57 inches) and a generous length of 8.6ft, this double-wrap belt offers a secure and adjustable fit, allowing you to focus on perfecting your techniques. The double-wrap design adds an extra layer of support, making it ideal for serious martial artists.

Embracing the Ken Masters Persona

Beyond the physical aspects of the costume, truly embodying Ken Masters requires adopting his charismatic and confident demeanor. Here are some tips on bringing the character to life:

Study Ken’s Moves

Familiarize yourself with Ken’s signature moves from the Street Fighter games. Practice the Shoryuken and Hadoken stances to capture the essence of this formidable martial artist.

Master the Stance

Ken is known for his distinctive fighting stance. Spend some time practicing and perfecting this stance to ensure that your portrayal is as authentic as possible.

Embrace the Confidence

Ken Masters exudes confidence both in and out of the ring. Walk with purpose, stand tall, and don’t be afraid to showcase the fiery spirit that defines this iconic character.

Dressing up as Ken Masters goes beyond putting on a costume; it’s an opportunity to step into the shoes of a legendary street fighter and channel his energy and charisma. Costume Junction’s Ken Masters Costume provides a gateway to this exhilarating experience, offering fans the chance to bring the beloved character to life with authenticity and style. So, gear up, practice your moves, and get ready to unleash your inner fighter with the Ken Masters Costume. Whether it’s Halloween, a cosplay event, or a themed party, this costume is your ticket to becoming a true Street Fighter legend.