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Jax Costume



Jax Costume


The Amazing Digital Circus is an adventure comedy animated TV series that is both created and directed by Gooseworx. The focus of the show is on a woman who gets trapped inside a crazy circus themed virtual reality game, along with five other humans. They are troubled by a wacky artificial intelligence as they are coping with their own personal traumas. The show premiered on Glitch on 13th October 2023 and has been adored by the critics.

The direction, animation, graphics, color scheme and characterization of the show is highly inspiring. We love how energetic and lively all the characters are, including Jax.

Jax is a lilac-colored rabbit, one of the trapped victims in the Digital Circus. He has long bunny ears over his oval-shaped head and his overall build is slender and tall. He is spotted wearing light pink overalls along with yellow gloves.

Jax is a laid-back, calm, sassy, and mischievous individual. It would be an honor to replicate his look amongst your friends and family, would it? In this detailed Best Jax Costume Ideas guide, we have a list of all the essentials that one would need to carry the same look as Jax’s. So, start digging in.

Essentials for Jax Costume

Bunny Ears

If you want to imitate the same look that Jax is spotted with in The Loud House, then these bunny ears are a must have. These bunny ears are made of 90% fabric and 10% plastic, that makes them lightweight and comfortable. This purple headband features adorable white bunny ears and replicates the exact structure of Jax’s ears. Add these to the collection and have a worthy piece of accessory to match up with other cosplay costumes as well.

Face Paint

Jax is a lilac-colored rabbit and to replicate the same look as his, we’d have to paint our face, right? This purple face paint will embrace you with the same facial look that you’ve been looking for. This face paint is made of creamy texture and is infused with waterproof and sweatproof formula. The high pigmented and good coverage paint perfectly glides on well and offers a smooth application. The paint is crafted from safe ingredients that make it gluten free, paraben free, skin friendly and long-lasting.


Accessorize your costume with these yellow gloves that Jax is spotted wearing on the show. These gloves are made of nylon and spandex, that makes them super breathable, lightweight and stretchy. The elastic added to the material of the gloves ensure to fit on perfectly with a fitted closure. The yellow color of the gloves makes them catchy.


To embrace the same look as lilac-colored rabbit, you need to wear this violet shaded unitard. This unitard is made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex, that makes it lightweight, stretchy and breathable. It features a turtleneck style collar paired up with a pull-on closure and a zipper design at the back for secure and fitted wear. The good amount of spandex added to it makes it fit onto your body perfectly.


Lastly, add this pink overall to your cart and you are done for the day. These overalls are fabricated from denim, that makes them lightweight, breathable and durable. The casual and relaxed fit of the overalls makes it a perfect addition to your wardrobe. The fabric of the overall is waterproof and the stretch added to it ensures ease of movement with flexibility. The pink color of the overall makes it look just perfect.


So, what are you waiting for? Grab onto all the essentials listed above and get ready to look just like your favorite animated rabbit, Jax.

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