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Isabela Madrigal Costume



Isabela Madrigal Costume


In the magical world of Disney’s Encanto, only one character stands out for her grace, elegance and charm – Isabela Madrigal. The movie is a classic blend of fantasy and drama, in a musical form, revolving around a teenage girl who doesn’t have magic and everyone around her does.

The movie has made us believe in magic, and that’s beautiful. All the characters in the movie hold unique personalities and traits, but Isabela Madrigal is a complete package of beauty with brains.

Isabela Madrigal is the eldest daughter of the Madrigal family, and her costume serve as a visual representation of her character. Through her costume, one can be transported to the magical world of Encanto, with magic and whimsy.

In this Best Isabela Madrigal Costume Guide, we have some essentials that will make you carry the same look as Isabela’s from the magical world in the real world.

Essentials for Isabela Madrigal Costume

Pink hair flower

To embrace the same charismatic look as Isabela Madrigal’s from Encanto, add this pink hair flower to your cart. This flower will add up the same graceful look to your personality that you’ve been adoring on Isabela. The flower is a dream lily with a Hawaiian hair clip for a secure wear. The flower looks just like a real one, so this one’s definitely a worthy purchase.


Imitate the same look as Isabela’s from Encanto, by wearing this hair wig along with the tiered ruffled dress. This hair wig is made from 100% high quality high temperature synthetic fiber, making it natural and soft to touch. It is paired up with a breathable rose net cap underneath, that can be fitted onto almost every head size with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The supple and thick texture of the wig makes it look real and human hair like. This wig is exactly what you’ve been inspired by, that black long and straight hair exactly like Isabela’s.

Tiered ruffle dress

Isabela’s every day’s outfit in Encanto is a classic blend of elegance and comfort. This flowing purple dress worn by her on screen is exactly what every woman would love to get her hands onto. The dress is fabricated from chiffon, making it breathable, lightweight and soft. It features a square neckline with sleeveless sleeves and off-shoulder style. The ruffle detailing and pleats all over makes it look graceful and classy. The high waistline with elasticity ensures a fitted and bodice wear. The long length of the dress makes it simply chic.

Ankle tie

With these ankle ties you can accessorize your footwear and get the same look as Isabela’s from Encanto. This ankle tie is crafted from rubber, with an outer material of canvas and cap toe design. The lace-up closure ensures a fitted wear and match to your footwear.

Purple floral dress

How pretty is this floral dress, eh? Grab onto this one and get ready to look like the gorgeous, confident and graceful Isabela Madrigal. The dress is fabricated from chiffon, making it breathable, lightweight and soft. The V-neckline with a pull-on closure and speaker sleeves add a touch of elegance to the dress. This swing long dress with lotus leaf print all over looks incredibly pretty, and the elastic waistband provides secure and fitted wear.


Accessorize your outfit with these unique earrings and you are almost there, with the same look as Isabela’s from Encanto. These earrings are crafted in metal, with gold plating that makes it look luxurious and lustrous. The round purple gemstone radiates simplicity and refined beauty. The lever back closure ensures a secure fit for comfortable wear throughout the day.

Purple flats

Sum up your outfit with these purple flats and there you are, done with the same look that Isabela Madrigal is carrying in Encanto. The flats are constructed from manmade upper with a round closed toe design and elastic ankle strap. The lightly padded insole ensures comfort, and the rubber outsole increases traction for slip-resistant wear.


Isabela Madrigals’ outfit from Encanto is more than mere clothing; it’s a visual representation of her personality, culture and magic. Embrace the same look as hers from the movie, and feel the magic of love and grace.

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