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Hunter x Hunter Krueger Costume



Hunter x Hunter Krueger Costume


Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese Manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi and is a must watch. The focus of the show is on Gon Freecss, a young boy who finds out that the father who left him at a young age is a renowned Hunter. The show premiered on 3rd Mach 1998 and is running up to present.

Biscuit Krueger, a supporting protagonist from Hunter x Hunter, is a professional Treasure Hunter and is preferred to be called “Bisky”. She is our favorite character from the manga series.

Krueger is an innocent looking young girl, who looks like a porcelain doll. Her dress with white gloves and cute accessories makes her look this adorable. She has superhuman strength with durability, advanced stamina and agility.

In this Best Hunter x Hunter Krueger Costume Ideas guide, we have a list of essentials that you’d need to replicate the same look as Biscuit’s from the show. These essentials will embrace you with the same look of Krueger’s, that you’ve been inspired by. Start digging in.

Essentials for Hunter x Hunter Krueger Costume


First things first. Get your hands on this brown fluffy dress that Biscuit Krueger is spotted wearing in Hunter x Hunter. The dress is fabricated from nylon, making it breathable, lightweight and soft. The shorts with a flattering skirt make it a worthy piece in your wardrobe. The top with a classic collar reaches down to a front open style, with a puffy skirt and flare at the bottom. This dress with a fitted corset inside is a must have to embrace the same doll-as look of Krueger’s.


Add these white gloves to your cart and get ready to embrace the same look as Krueger’s from Hunter x Hunter. The gloves are made of satin, making them breathable, lightweight, and supple. The material of the gloves is not too stuffy and super smooth and silky. The good amount of stretch added to the fabric of the gloves ensures stretchability and comfort. The simple and retro design of the gloves makes it a worthy addition to your collection.

Hot Pink Ribbon

Next, get your hands on this hot pink ribbon and accessorize the same look as Biscuit Krueger’s from the manga series. The ribbon is crafted from polyester, that makes it lightweight and durable. The soft and luxurious satin ribbon offers a smooth and silky surface without wrinkles, that makes it a must have in your cart.


Put on these white socks to carry the same doll-style look as Krueger’s from Hunter x Hunter. These socks are fabricated from 100% nylon, that makes it super lightweight and breathable. The fabric of the socks is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The net lace over the top adds a fancy touch to the socks. The stretchy and fitted wear of these socks makes it a perfect wear.


For the footwear, get your hands on these red shoes, exactly like the ones that Krueger is spotted wearing on the show. These shoes are constructed from PU leather on the external side with a buckle strap that ensures secure and fitted wear. The inner side of the shoes is structured with soft memory foam that cushions and comforts your feet for flexible and comfortable wear. The durable rubber outsole increases traction and provides slip-resistant wear.


Go through the above-mentioned guide with a keen eye and clear mind and embrace yourself with the same look as Biscuit Krueger’s from Hunter x Hunter. Embrace the same doll-like of hers and look just as innocent as Krueger’s.

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