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Hamburglar Costume



Hamburglar Costume



Who here hasn’t loved McDonald’s commercials, eh? Amongst all the characters from the commercial, we love Hamburglar. He is a close friend of Ronald McDonald, Birdie, and Grimace. He has always attempted to hoard all the hamburgers, though he failed each time.

Hamburglar was voiced by Howard Morris in most commercials and was portrayed by Tommy Vicini from 1992 – 2003.

Since Hamburglar has always been hoarding the hamburgers but failing, he is considered as quite a lousy burglar. His appearance perfectly blends with his role. His iconic costume comprises of a black and white striped shirt with trousers and cape. His red gloves and shoes with eye masks complete his look with perfection.

In this detailed Best Hamburglar Costume Ideas guide, we have a list of essentials that you’d need to carry the same look as his. So, start digging in.

Essentials for Hamburglar Costume


To start off with Hamburglar’s costume, get your hands on this costume that comprises of a shirt and trousers, along with cloak, eye-mask and a tie. The shirt and trousers are fabricated from polyester that makes them lightweight, breathable, and soft. The shirt features a round neckline paired up with a pull-on closure for convenient wear, along with long sleeves that end up with open hem cuffs. The trouser on the other hand, features an elastic waist with a straight fit. The red tie features a sleek design with hamburgers printed all over. Lastly, the cloak features a tie closure with a flattering silky fabric that gives you the perfect burglar feel.


To add authenticity to your outfit, add this hamburger toy to your cart next and get ready to look just like Hamburglar. Hold onto this hamburger with squeaker on the inside and measuring approx.4-inch in diameter. Let the crowd feel like the real Hamburglar is in front of them, with a hamburger in his hand.


Accessorize your outfit with these red gloves and get there with the same look as Hamburglar’s. These gloves are constructed from polyester, making them lightweight, warm, and cozy. The knitted gloves feature a soft inner side that offers comfort and soft feel against your skin. The elastic wrist band ensures secure and fitted wear. The red color adds a pop of funkiness to your black and white outfit.


To replicate the same look as Hamburglar’s from McDonald’s commercials, this is the wig that you need to pair up with the above-mentioned costume. This wig is made of 100% high quality polyester, that makes it look natural and soft to touch. It comes along with a breathable rose net cap on the inside that can be fitted onto almost every head size with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The thick and supple texture of the wig makes it look real and human hair like. The wig features orange hair, exactly like Hamburglar’s.


For the footwear, pick out these black and white sneakers and get done with the same look as Hamburglar’s. These sneakers are constructed from synthetic material on the external side, featuring a casual toe design with a lace-up closure, padded collar and tongue and slip-on wear. The inner side of the sneakers structure soft memory foam insole that cushions and comforts your feet all day long. The durable rubber outsole increases traction and provides a slip-resistant wear.


So, what are you waiting for? Go through all the above essentials once again and grab onto everything that will make you replicate the same look as Hamburglar’s.

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