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How to Dress Like Goku


Best Goku Costume Guide

Step into the world of Japanese anime and transform yourself into Goku, the charming, naive, and carefree character from Dragon Ball Z. Here’s how you can channel Goku’s well-known and recognizable look in a few simple steps.

Get The Look

Goku’s Signature Hair: Goku’s spiky hair is one of his most recognizable features. You can get this look with a Goku Standard Wig. If your cosplay plans involve facing deadly enemies, transform into a Super Saiyan with a Saiyan Goku Wig.
Goku Cosplay Costume: Dress up as Goku in his iconic orange and blue outfit. Find a Goku Cosplay Costume that fits you best.
Goku Shoes: Don’t forget Goku’s unique boots! Grab a pair of Goku Shoes to complete your look.
Bag of Senzu Beans and Dragon Balls: Remember, Goku is not invincible. Always keep a Bag of Senzu Beans and Dragon Balls by your side for those close encounters.

Personalize Your Costume

While you can dress up just like Goku instantly with these items, there’s a lot of creativity you can add on your own. Consider adding the iconic Saiyan tail to show off your heritage and full power. Work on perfecting your Kamehameha pose as well.

Complete The Experience

In the most dangerous of times, Goku’s companions are always by his side. As should your fellow Dragonball fans be alongside you while cosplaying Goku. Invite your friends to dress up as their favorite characters and create the ultimate fighter group with characters like Vegeta, Piccolo, and even add Frieza or Buu!
Remember, cosplaying is not just about the costume, but also about embodying the character. Goku cherishes two things above all else—fighting and eating. So, why not indulge in a feast fit for a Saiyan and challenge your friends to a friendly sparring match?
Take a look at the inspiration gallery for dressing up as different Dragon Ball Z characters and remember to send pics of your cosplay!
Embrace the charm and naivety of Goku, and let his carefree spirit guide you. Happy cosplaying!