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Gabby’s Dollhouse Costume



Gabby’s Dollhouse Costume


Are you ready to wander in the whimsical world of Gabby’s Dollhouse? The world where imagination has no limit, and creativity rules! If you or your little girl is a fan of Gabby’s Dollhouse, then this is exactly what you need to go through.

With this detailed Best Gabby’s Dollhouse Costume Ideas, you will be able to take magic into your home. This guide holds all the essentials that you’ll need to replicate the same look that Gabby is spotted with in this animated series.

Gabby’s Dollhouse is a place where cats come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, each with its own unique charm and flair. From the energetic Kitty Fairy to the scrumptious Cakey Cat, the possibilities are as endless as a cat’s curiosity. To help you embark on this imaginative adventure, we are here with the most delightful costume ideas that capture the spirit of Gabby’s Dollhouse.

What is Gabby’s Dollhouse?

The show Gabby’s Dollhouse, is an animated series that features Gabby, a cat with a magical dollhouse. Each room holds a surprise and a new adventure. The characters are adorable, and the vibrant colors of the dollhouse create a visually appealing and captivating atmosphere.

Essentials of Gabby’s Dollhouse Costume

Cat Ears Headband

To look just as adorable and pretty as Gabby, add up this cat ears headband to your cart. This headband is made up from faux fur and a metal headband, that is super soft to feel and sturdy on its hold. The ears are fixed on the headband by soft rubber, which can be switched high or low as per your preference. This is an essential accessory that you’ll need to replicate the same look as Gabby’s.


Start off your dress with this gorgeous pink cardigan, that is Gabby’s signature piece of apparel. This cardigan is fabricated from 100% acrylic fabric, that makes it super soft, lightweight and breathable. The unique and attractive design of the cardigan features lantern long sleeves with dropped shoulders, open front and a loose fit. The pink color embraces you with the same adorable look that you’ve been loving on Gabby.


For an inner to go along with the pink cardigan, grab onto this black and white striped t-shirt. It is made up from 100% polyester chiffon, that makes it lightweight and super breathable. The scoop neckline is paired up with a pull-on closure for a relaxed wear, with loose cropped and boxy fit. The cute cat head all over makes it look exactly like the one that Gabby is spotted wearing on the show.


For the bottom, go along with this blue jean and replicate the same look that you’ve been loving on Gabby. This jean is constructed from 72% cotton, 26% polyester and 2% spandex, that makes it lightweight, breathable and stretchy. It features a midrise waistband that sits on your natural waist line and provides a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. The zip fly with button closure, classic five pocket design and straight fit are the additional specs to admire.


Put on this cute head feltie bow embellishment and there you are, looking perfect for the night. This badge is crafted in embroidered thread, vinyl and olyfun. Wear it over your cardigan and get going for the day, looking adorable and super cute.


Go with these pink and white sneakers, and you are almost there, with the same look that Gabby is spotted with on the show. The sneakers are constructed from canvas, with a lace-up closure and padded collar and tongue. The inner side of the shoes feature soft memory insole, for a cushioned and comfortable wear. The durable rubber outsole increases traction and provides a slip-resistant wear.

Paws Toy

Consider adding this cute paw plush toy, to enhance the overall look of your outfit. This toy features a talking pandy, with lights and music. It is super cute and just perfect for cuddles and hug attacks.

Cakey Cat and Mercat

To make your outfit look authentic, grab onto Cakey Cat and Mercat, exactly what Gabby’s Dollhouse displays on the show. Both Cakey Cat and Mercat feature authentic details that makes them an essential for this outfit.

Accessories for Gabby’s Dollhouse Costume


To emphasize the natural features of your face and look alike Gabby, add a touch of blush to your cheeks, along with a light lip color.


Try leaving your hair down in loose waves, exactly like how Gabby has been spotted styling on the show. And over these loose waves, wear your cat headband, and you are ready for your adventurous experience, that will be just purr-fect!


Gabby’s Dollhouse is a world full of wonder and delight, and now you have all the essentials and accessories to bring that magic to life with the perfect costume. So get ready to steal the spotlight and make your Gabby’s Dollhouse costume an unforgettable experience for everyone around you!

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