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How to Dress Like Frank Wolff


Best Frank Wolff Costume Guide

“Know this about the jungle. Everything that you see wants to kill you… and can.” – Frank Wolff.

Frank “Skipper” Wolff, is definitely our favorite character from the action adventure movie Jungle Cruise. The role of Frank is carried out by Dwayne Johnson, and we shouldn’t be even bothered to say, that we love him! If you haven’t watched the movie, it’s high time to do so.

So basically, the movie is based on Disneyland’s theme park ride, where a riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals, but with a supernatural element. The movie is tremendously directed by Jaume Collet Serra, starring Dwayne Johnson.

Amongst everything, the direction, script and characterization, we are an admirer of the wardrobe collection of the movie. If you have watched the movie already, you must know what we’re talking about.

The outfit that Frank Wolff is spotted wearing in the movie, perfectly blends within his personality. This outfit is something that you can wear for Halloween, costume parties or any sea themed celebration at work. The way Frank Wolff is dressed in the movie, takes us to the boat, acting as the Captain, and directing the ship to its destination.

If you’ve been into sea and leadership, then you must definitely DIY this costume. This Best Frank Wolff Costume Guide will be listing all the essentials that you need to grab onto, in order to look alike your favorite Captain, who’s both hilarious and handsome.

Tips for Frank Wolff Costume and Cosplay

Get ready to carry the same look as Frank’s from Jungle Cruise. We’ve listed some basic particulars below, including all the clothing, accessories and footwear, that will help you in cosplaying the same look as Frank Wolff’s. Good luck, you!

Frank Wolff’s Costume Essentials


First things first. To embrace the same Captain look as Frank Wolff’s, this is the vest that you need to grab onto. This vest is fabricated from cotton fabric, with viscose lining on the inside, that offers comfort along with breathability. It structures a notch collar coming down to a front double breasted closure, with sleeveless sleeves and fine stitching. The brown vest structures vertical stripes, just like Frank’s.


Layer up your vest with this white shirt, and get ready to replicate the same look as your favorite Captain, Frank Wolff. This shirt will be a great piece of addition to your wardrobe, as its casual and basic design makes it a versatile piece to match up with both pants and jeans, all year round. The shirt is made up from cotton fabric, offering comfort and durability. The standing style collar with four button placket, pull-on closure and relaxed fit are the basic specs of the apparel.


Put on these light buff colored pants, and there you are, with the same outfit as Frank Wolff’s from Jungle Cruise. This pant is constructed from 100% cotton fabric, featuring a cargo pant style, with supreme comfort and durability. The pant structures a zip fly with button closure for a secure wear, along with slanted side pockets, zippered leg pocket and button flap back pockets.


Lastly, pair up your outfit with these brown boots, and you are done with the look of Frank Wolff. These boots are constructed from artificial leather and durable rubber outsole. The synthetic upper shell is sold with a simple yet dominant design. The rubber outsole increases traction and offers a slip-resistant wear.


Now that you’re done with the outfit, it’s time to add accessories to your outfit, so that you can look exactly like Frank Wolff. This pouch is just like the one that you’ve spotted Frank wearing over his waist in the movie, holding onto his valuables. This pouch is constructed from genuine leather, in rustic brown. The outer layer of the pouch has an attractive texture, with a button closure.


Oh boy, this one’s our favorite part of Frank’s outfit. This newsboy beret hat is exactly what a sailor/captain adores. This is the hat that completes a Captain’s personality, and out-brings the responsible side of him. This hat is made up from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, with a sweatband on the inner side, for a breathable and moisture free wear. This is a must have for all, as you can later on wear it up with your other costumes as well.


Don’t you forget to wrap up this bandana around your neck, just like Frank’s. This bandana in red is a versatile piece of accessory, that can be wrapped around the neck, hand or even head. The bandana is fabricated from 100% cotton, in a square shape. The high quality stitching of the bandana makes it look super neat and classy. It is super soft to touch, and ensures to get even softer with time and every wash.

Brown Suspenders

Here, pair up your shirt with these brown suspenders, and be almost done with your look as Frank Wolff’s from your favorite movie, Jungle Cruise. These suspenders are constructed from 75% polyester and 25% elastic fabric, with a clip closure. The super quality metal clips hold up the trouser very well. The Y back design of the suspenders offer the most comfortable elastic that you need. The straps of the suspenders are wide, thus, they do not cut into your shoulders.


With the help of this belt, get a tight hold onto your pant. This 100% full grain leather belt is a valuable piece of addition in any man’s wardrobe. This one has a leather strap, paired up with a silver tone buckle closure, for a secure wear. The thickness of the belt measures approx. 3.5mm, with a width of 3.8cm.


Let this Frank Wolff’s costume bring out the sailor side of you. Gear up with the above-mentioned essentials and accessories, and get ready to sail! Wo-ooh!