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How to Dress Like Evelyn Carnahan


Best Evelyn Carnahan Costume Guide

Prepare to step into a world where ancient mysteries and daring exploits converge, as we unravel the enigmatic allure of Evelyn Carnahan, the captivating character from “The Mummy” series. Portrayed with grace and intellect by Rachel Weisz, Evelyn is more than a mere librarian—she embodies a rare blend of wit, courage, and a distinct sense of style.

In this Best Evelyn Carnahan Costume Guide, we will discuss the key components that contribute to the creation of the perfect Evelyn Carnahan costume. Together, we will dig into the details of her wardrobe, accessories, and even the subtleties of makeup, ensuring that your transformation captures not only the visual essence of the character but also the intangible spirit that makes Evelyn so cherished among fans.

The Essentials of Evelyn Carnahan Costume


No Evelyn Carnahan costume is complete without the signature round glasses. This pair of glasses closely resembles hers. Add up a chain for an extra touch of authenticity, embracing her scholarly persona. The glasses are crafted from durable plastic frame, that ensures to be unbreakable and lightweight. The glasses are paired up with UV protected lenses, that offers to eliminate blue light.


Enhance your ensemble with faux antiquarian jewelry—a pair of vintage-style simple earrings—to infuse an extra layer of sophistication. These earrings echo Evelyn’s love for history, rounding out your costume with subtle elegance. The earrings feature a pearl drop design, with faceted black crystal glass center, surrounded by engraved trim and a leverback closure.

Tie Scarf

Accessorize your outfit with this tie scarf, and you are almost there, with the same look that you’ve been inspired by. This is fabricated from chiffon, that makes it breathable and lightweight. The fabric is super light and smooth, and measures approx. 78.0 x 1.9 inches. It can either be wrapped around your neck, or on your head.


Begin your transformation with a white blouse that transcends the ordinary. It is fabricated from lightweight and breathable fabric, that makes it a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. It features a classic shirt style collar paired up with a button down closure, long sleeves and buttoned cuffs. The high quality and soft material of the blouse featuring vertical stripes looks classy, and exactly like the one that Evelyn is spotted with in “The Mummy” series.


Snap your waist with a classic brown leather belt, imbuing the ensemble with a touch of rugged sophistication. This accessory not only emphasizes Evelyn’s adventurous spirit but also adds a practical element to your costume. The belt is made up from 100% leather strap, with a gold toned buckle. The waxed full grain leather strap is durable, long-lasting and stiff.


Complement the blouse with a khaki or olive green skirt that echoes the practical yet stylish wardrobe of our adventurous protagonist. The skirt is constructed from cotton and denim material, offering durability and a timeless design. The subtle A-line cut, gracefully falls below the knee, and captures the timeless silhouette that defines Evelyn’s character.

Spectator Pumps

Next, wear up these brown pumps and you are done for the day. These pumps are constructed from faux leather, with a durable rubber outsole. The inner side of the pumps structure soft memory foam insole, for a comfortable and cushioned wear.

Accessories to Enhance the Look

Leather Satchel

Carry the tools of an adventurer with a leather satchel or book bag. This accessory not only complements Evelyn’s librarian role but also serves as a practical and stylish addition to your costume ensemble.

Antique-Style Book Prop

Elevate your costume with an antique-style book prop, paying homage to Evelyn’s passion for history. Personalize the book with faux hieroglyphics or symbols associated with “The Mummy” series, adding a touch of authenticity to your portrayal.

Makeup and Finishing Touches

Soft and Natural Makeup

Embrace Evelyn’s practical yet refined appearance with soft and natural makeup. Opt for neutral tones in eyeshadow, a touch of mascara, and a subtle lip color, capturing the timeless beauty of the 1920s.

Faux Bruises

For those seeking to embody Evelyn’s adventurous side, consider adding faux cuts and bruises using makeup. This optional touch adds a realistic element, hinting at the challenges faced during archaeological pursuits and further immersing you in the character’s world.

As you stand tall in this Evelyn Carnahan ensemble, believe us, you are not just wearing a costume; you’ve stepped into the world of intrigue and exploration. Your commitment to capturing the essence of this beloved character goes beyond fabric and accessories—it’s a celebration of intellect, bravery, and the timeless allure of vintage charm.