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How to Dress Like Dr. Lily Houghton


Best Dr. Lily Houghton Costume Guide

Embark on a thrilling journey as you transform into the bold and courageous Dr. Lily Houghton, from the enchanting world of “Jungle Cruise”. Dr. Lily Houghton, portrayed with charisma and wit, is a character that beckons adventurers and captivates audiences with her fearless pursuit of the unknown.

As you dive into the art of costume recreation, this Best Dr. Lily Houghton Costume Guide will be your compass, guiding you through every intricate detail to ensure an authentic portrayal of this iconic explorer.

About the movie Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise” a cinematic adventure filled with mystery, humor, and heart, introduces us to Dr. Lily Houghton, a character whose wardrobe is as adventurous as her spirit. Whether you’re gearing up for a themed costume party, cosplay event, or simply embracing the thrill of imaginative play, channeling Dr. Lily Houghton allows you to embody the essence of exploration and discovery.

In this guide, we will dissect the elements that constitute Dr. Lily Houghton’s signature look, from the practicality of her khaki cargo pants to the subtle elegance of her white safari shirt. Beyond the clothing, we’ll delve into the world of accessories, exploring the significance of each item in capturing the essence of this intrepid explorer. From the wide-brimmed hat that shields her from the sun to the compass necklace symbolizing her navigational prowess, every detail contributes to the narrative of a seasoned adventurer.

But the transformation doesn’t stop with the attire. We’ll guide you through the hints of hairstyling and makeup, ensuring that every aspect of your portrayal reflects the authenticity of Dr. Lily Houghton. As you embark on this costume journey, remember that it’s not just about dressing up—it’s about embodying the spirit of the character, displaying courage, curiosity, and determination that define Dr. Lily Houghton’s captivating persona

Let this guide be your companion, as you reveal the adventurer within. This magic of costume transformation transport you into the captivating world of Dr. Lily Houghton from “Jungle Cruise“.

Essentials of Dr. Lily Houghton’s Costume

Teal Button Down

Dr. Lily Houghton’s wardrobe is both functional and fashionable. Get your hands on this teal button down shirt, fabricated from cotton fabric, that offers breathability and comfort. It features a classic shirt style collar paired up with a button down closure for a relaxed fit. The long sleeves are accessorized with buttoned cuffs, that offers an improved fit. The close but comfortable fit of the shirt provides a tailored yet perfect fit.


Wrap up this bandana around your neck to carry the same bold look as Dr. Lily Houghton’s from “Jungle Cruise”. This one is fabricated from 100% polyester, making it breathable and lightweight. The fabric of the bandana is super soft, that feels comfortable against the skin.


Cinch your waist with a brown leather belt to add structure to the outfit. This accessory not only complements the safari look but also serves as a practical addition for carrying small tools or accessories. The belt is constructed from a 100% leather strap, with a silver toned buckle.


Complete your transformation with a pair of khaki cargo pants. Dr. Lily Houghton’s adventurous spirit is reflected in her practical yet stylish choice of clothing. This pant is fabricated from 70% polyester and 30% wool, making it lightweight and breathable. The midrise waistband of the pant sits comfortably on your natural waist line and offers a relaxed fit through the seat and thigh. A zip fly with button closure, classic five pocket design and wide leg design are the additional specs of the bottom.


Top off your Dr. Lily Houghton costume with a wide-brimmed hat. It is made up from 65% polyester and 35% wool, with a practical and stylish design. This fedora hat has a circumference of 22.6 inches, with a brim of 2.9 inches, that offers ample shade and protection.


Dr. Lily Houghton traverses challenging terrains, and your footwear should reflect that. Opt for these sturdy brown combat boots that are comfortable for long walks and add a rugged touch to the ensemble.

Accessories of Dr. Lily Houghton Costume

Compass Necklace

Dr. Lily Houghton relies on her navigational skills, and a compass necklace is a subtle yet impactful accessory to reflect her expertise. Find a pendant resembling a vintage compass to wear around your neck.

Leather Gloves

Complete your outfit with a pair of leather gloves to imitate Dr. Lily Houghton’s readiness for any challenge. Choose gloves that are both functional and stylish, featuring a worn-in look to convey the sense of adventure.

Satchel or Explorer Backpack

A key element of Dr. Lily Houghton’s character is her preparedness for exploration. Carry a satchel or explorer backpack to showcase your commitment to adventure. Look for a design that complements the overall color scheme of your costume.

Tousled Ponytail

Mimic Dr. Lily Houghton’s practical hairstyle with a tousled ponytail. Pull your hair back and secure it with an elastic band, allowing a few loose strands to frame your face for a natural look.

Natural Makeup

Dr. Lily Houghton’s makeup is minimal and natural. Opt for a light foundation, earth-toned eyeshadows, and a subtle lip color to enhance your features without drawing too much attention away from the overall costume.

Bringing Dr. Lily Houghton to Life

Confidence and Positivity

Embrace Dr. Lily Houghton’s adventurous spirit by displaying confidence and positivity. Channel her determination as you embody the character and interact with others during your costume escapade.

Research the Character

To truly capture the essence of Dr. Lily Houghton, familiarize yourself with her character from “Jungle Cruise”. Pay attention to her expressions and dialogue, to incorporate these elements into your portrayal.

Stepping into the shoes of Dr. Lily Houghton allows you to explore the world of adventure and excitement. By recreating her costume and embodying her spirit, you can bring this beloved character to life at any event or costume gathering. Embrace the thrill of the expedition, and let your Dr. Lily Houghton costume become a beacon of courage and curiosity in any setting.