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Doctor Barbie Costume



Doctor Barbie Costume


As women, we have always adored Barbie dolls. We still remember, dressing them up and playing with Barbies all day long. How nostalgic. What if we tell you, that this time, you can dress up as Barbie yourself and cherish all your childhood memories.

Oh yes, this Best Doctor Barbie Costume Ideas guide brings you all the essentials that you’d need to carry the same look as Doctor Barbie. The movie Barbie brings back all the childhood memories, with many versions of Barbie, such as Doctor Barbie, Judge Barbie, Writer Barbie, Weird Barbie, President Barbie and many more.

The storyline of the movie focuses of Barbie, who is living her perfect life in the Barbie Land. But soon she begins to question her existence, and that leads her to step out into the Real World and see what it is to live amongst people.

Amongst all the variations of Barbie, we love how adorable and graceful Doctor Barbie is. Hari Nef plays the character of Doctor Barbie in the movie, and as always, she is amazing.

So, let’s go through all the essentials listed below, add them to our cart and play dress up. Start digging in.

Essentials for Doctor Barbie Costume


To carry the same look as Doctor Barbie’s from Barbie, this hair wig is a must have. The orange headed Barbie has captivated our attention, and we’d love to replicate her look. This hair wig is made of 100% high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, that makes it natural looking and soft to touch. It is paired up with a breathable rose net cap on the inside, that can be adjusted onto almost every head size with the help of adjustable straps given on each end. The thick and supple texture of the wig makes it look real and human hair like. The wig features the same hair style as Doctor Barbie’s, that is orange long and curly hair with middle parting.

Hair Accessories

Don’t you love how girly and gorgeous Doctor Barbie looks with this pretty hair clip? This one is crafted in alloy featuring artificial rhinestones all over. The flower shaped hair clip is just perfect for this spring season, as it can bring out the brighter side of you. The clip is approx. 9 x 4cm with a secure closure that has firm grip.

Pink Lipstick

Put on this pink lipstick to embrace the same Barbie look that Doctor Barbie is spotted with in Barbie. This lipstick by COVERGIRL features a metallic finishing and is in cream form. It is skin-friendly, toxic free and hypoallergenic. The lipstick gives a soft and luxurious feel on your lips that is just what every girl dreams of. The lipstick can be easily removed with the help of a makeup remover.


Add these cute heart shaped earrings to your cart next and get ready to look as adorable and beautiful as Doctor Barbie from Barbie. These earrings are crafted in stainless steel, that are further 18k gold polished for a lustrous and luxurious appearance. The earrings feature cute heart shape that makes it girly and cute. The hinged closure at the back ensures secure and fitted wear. The material of the earrings makes them hypoallergenic, nickel free, lead free and scratch free.

Necklace and Earrings Set

Doctor Barbie is spotted wearing a gorgeous pearl necklace and earrings set in the movie Barbie, and to be honest, we can’t take our eyes off her. This necklace set is crafted in pearls featuring multi-layers for a lustrous and royal look. The circumference of the pearl necklace is 20.47 + 2.3 inches, that makes it fit onto every woman’s and girl’s neck. The earrings feature an ear drop design that is made of pearls and crystals.

Doctor Coat

To carry the same Doctor look of Doctor Barbie from the movie, this doctor coat is essential to grab onto. This coat is fabricated from a blend of cotton and polyester, that makes it breathable, lightweight, and soft. It features a lapel style collar that reaches down to a front buttoned closure for a relaxed wear, with long sleeves ending up with open hem cuffs. The two welt pockets on the waist can hold onto your essentials close. The white color of the Doctor coat adds decency and grace to it.

Pink Stethoscope

Along with your doctor coat, wear up this pink stethoscope around your neck. This stethoscope is made of aluminum, that makes it extremely lightweight. The fiberglass diaphragm side detects heart sounds and Korotkoff sounds. The Snap-On diaphragm retains ring and a non-chill bell ring that contributes to the ease of use. The satin finish anodized aluminum chest piece and chrome plated brass binaural. The extra thick-walled PVC-tubing and soft silicone ear tips make it a worthy accessory.

Hospital Scrubs

Lastly, these hospital scrubs will bring out the Doctor side of you, so grab onto it. These scrubs come in a pack of two; shirt and trousers, both constructed from a blend of cotton and polyester with poplin. The shirt features a V-neckline paired up with a pull-on closure, short sleeves and two patch pockets with one welt pocket. The trouser on the other hand structures an elastic waistband with three side cargo pockets and a straight fit.


Get your hands on all the essentials of Doctor Barbie’s costume and look like her amongst your friends and family. Let this be your chance to relive your childhood memories to your fullest.

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