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Django Costume



Django Costume


Let’s talk about classic cinema. If you haven’t watched Django Unchained yet, you are missing out on some real good watch. Django Unchained is a revisionist Western movie, both directed and written by Quentin Tarantino – and we know how amazing of a director Quentin Tarantino is.

The classic plot of the movie centers around a slave who is freed by a German bounty-hunter. Together, they embark on a mission to rescue his wife from a brutal plantation owner in Mississippi.

Jamie Foxx played the role of Django Freeman in the movie. Django, a former slave freed by a German bounty hunter King Schultz, is the main protagonist in the movie. Apart from how amazingly he has portrayed the character, we love his outfit from the movie.

His cowboy look has literally got us fall for him right away. In this Best Django Costume Ideas guide, we have all the essentials that you’d need to replicate the same look as his. Dig in.

Essentials for Django Costume


Get your hands on this sturdy pair of gloves in brown and get ready to imitate the same look as Django’s from Django Unchained. These gloves are constructed from 100% real sheep skin leather, paired up with insulated lining on the inside. The warm lined gloves offer Thinsulate insulation that makes them a worthy piece of accessory. The touch screen compatibility allows you to use gadgets hassle free.


Wrap up this olive-colored scarf around your neck and embrace the same look that Django is spotted with in the movie. This scarf is fabricated from 100% acrylic, that makes it lightweight and soft. The scarf measures approx. 9” in width and 62” in length. The classic and versatile knitted pattern of the scarf makes it look elegant and graceful. You can style it up in different way as well.


Add up this brown hat to your cart next and there you are, with the same cowboy look that you’ve been admiring on Django. The hat is made of high-quality faux materials, that makes it warm, lightweight and breathable. The new and catchy design of the hat features a crown size of 4”and brim size of 3.5”.

Holster Set

This holster set is an essential to have to replicate the same look as Django’s from Django Unchained. This holster set features a brown leather holster and plastic pistol. The holster features a buttoned closure that securely holds onto your weapon. The pistol gun is made of high-quality plastic, making it look just like a real one. Hold onto this pistol along with the holster, attach it to your pant and embrace the same sturdy and dominant look as Django’s.


So, are you ready to look just as macho and masculine as Django Freeman from Django Unchained? Embrace the same look as his and walk with pride as you enter the room. Let this be your chance to look like your favorite character, from your favorite classic movie Django Unchained.

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