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How to Dress Like Charlotte Sanders


Best Charlotte Sanders Costume Guide

Step into the enchanting world of clothing, where threads weave tales, and every costume whispers its own unique narrative! In this detailed Best Charlotte Sanders Costume Guide, we embark on a thrilling expedition to replicate the indomitable spirit of Charlotte Sanders—an enigmatic character from Best. Christmas. Ever! celebrated for her audacious adventures.

Whether you find yourself on the cliff of a grand cosplay gala, the doorstep of Halloween’s spectral partying, or the heart of a vibrant costume celebration, join us as we unfold the secrets to not merely wearing but embodying the essence of Charlotte Sanders—one precisely chosen piece at a time.

Immerse yourself in the intrigue, where each stitch tells a story, and where Charlotte Sanders, with her fearless spirit and independent soul, becomes more than a character; she transforms into an adventure waiting to unfold.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s embark on a clothing journey to bring Charlotte Sanders to life, transcending the conventional boundaries of costuming and delving into a realm where every fabric, every accessory, and every detail contribute to the creation of a character, an experience, and a tale that lingers in the minds of all who behold it. Let the adventure begin!


Charlotte Sanders adorns herself in outfits that blend casualness with beauty, and practicality. This jacket is constructed from parachute fabric, with viscose fabric lining on the inside. The standing style collar comes down to a front snap tab buttoned closure, with long sleeves that end up with open hem cuffs. The two welt pockets on the waist and two pockets on the inside offers ample space to hold onto your belongings. The red color of the jacket makes it look hot and catchy.


Get your hands on this hair wig next, and imitate the same look as your favorite character Charlotte Sanders from Best. Christmas. Ever. This hair wig is made up from 100% premium synthetic fiber, that makes it soft and silky. It is further paired up with a breathable rose net cap on the inside, that can be fitted onto any head size. The wig features the same style as Charlotte’s, that is short and curly golden hair.


Wear up this purple plaid shirt underneath your red puffer jacket, and get ready to embrace the same look as Charlotte Sanders’. This shirt is a classic piece of apparel in womenswear, that can be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. The shirt is fabricated from soft polyester fabric, making it breathable and lightweight. The classic collar is paired up with a buttoned closure, long sleeves and buttoned cuffs, along with two buttoned flap patch pockets on the chest.


For the bottom to complete your look for the day, grab onto this blue jean and that’s it. This jean is constructed from 100% cotton, making it lightweight and breathable. The midrise waistband sits comfortably on your waistline and provides a relaxed wear through the seat and thigh.

Accessories for Charlotte Sanders Costume

Natural Beauty Palette

Charlotte opts for a minimalist and natural makeup look. Embrace earthy tones for eyeshadow and a touch of lip balm to achieve a subtly polished appearance.

As you stand at the crossroads of fabric and fantasy, remember that your costume is a living proof to the creative spirit within. Seize the opportunity to channel the spirit of Charlotte Sanders, and in doing so, discover the boundless joy of self-expression and the enchantment that lies within the world of costumes.