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How to Dress Like Austin Powers


Best Austin Powers Costume Guide

Groovy cats and foxy ladies – get ready to take a time-traveling trip to the psychedelic ’60s and immerse yourself in the world of Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery! In a world filled with intelligence, funky beats, and flamboyant fashion, Austin Powers stands out as the essence of groovy charisma.

Whether you’re gearing up for a swinging costume party, a Halloween extravaganza, or you just want to inject some shagadelic vibes into your daily life, the Austin Powers costume is your golden ticket to a world where the only rule is to be fabulously yourself.

In this Best Austin Powers Costume Guide, we’ll walk you through every tone of creating the ultimate Austin Powers look that will leave everyone exclaiming, “Yeah, baby, yeah!”. From the iconic blue velvet suit to the charmingly untidy hair, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up, grab your mojo, and let’s dive into the details of transforming into the suavest spy the ’60s ever saw!

The Essentials For Austin Powers Costume

To truly embody the essence of Austin Powers, you’ll need to gather these essential elements that define his iconic style:

The Classic Blue Velvet Suit

Austin Powers is perfectly represented with his flamboyant blue velvet suit. Seek out this suit, comprising of a blazer and pant, both constructed from velvet material. The blazer features a wide lapel style collar that comes down to a buttoned closure, with a slightly flared silhouette. The long fitted sleeves end up with open hem cuffs, offering an improved fit, whilst the two flap patch pockets on the waist can hold onto your essentials. Don’t forget the matching trousers to complete the look, that features a midrise waistband, with a zip fly and button closure.


Underneath the blue vibrant suit, Austin sports a frilly ascot shirt. This shirt right here, is fabricated from silk fabric, that gives a flattering look, just like the one that Austin is spotted with. The shirt features an erect style collar that comes down to a front buttoned closure, with long sleeves ending up with elastic cuffs. The ruffle on the front showcases your groovy confidence.


Austin’s round, blue-tinted glasses are an iconic part of his look. Find a pair that closely resembles his, and don’t forget to perfect your shrewd spy gaze. These glasses right here, is exactly what you’ve been looking for. These are made up from a plastic frame, that ensures to be sturdy, durable and flexible. The frame is paired up with polarized lenses, with UV protection, that offers to eliminate blue light and protect your eyes from any kind of strain or damage.


No Austin Powers costume is complete without a pair of stylish lace-up boots. Opt for a pair in black or brown that complements your suit, and make sure they reach at least mid-calf for that authentic feel. These boots are constructed from 100% kidskin leather, with a durable rubber outsole. The exquisite polished leather upper features stitched detailing, with a plain toe design. The side zipper closure offers a convenient and classy touch to the footwear.


Don’t you miss out on holding onto this gun, to get done with your groovy look for the day. This rocket gun is made up from plastic, with 6mm plastic bullets and red laser light. It’s super lightweight and the good thing is, it looks just like the one that Austin is spotted with.

Accessories to Spice Things Up

It’s the small details that take your Austin Powers costume to the next level. Consider these accessories to level up your mojo:

Tooth Necklace

Channel Austin’s quirky charm with a faux tooth necklace. You can easily find replicas online or get creative and craft one yourself using common materials.

Groovy Grooming

Austin Powers is all about charisma, and that includes his distinctive grooming style. Consider these grooming tips to nail the look:

Yeah, Baby, Yeah Hair

Austin’s tousled hair is a signature element of his style. Use a bit of styling gel or mousse to achieve that perfectly imperfect, windswept look.

Facial Hair

If you don’t already have chest hair, a temporary chest wig can add the necessary shagadelic touch. Don’t forget the soul patch and slightly scruffy facial hair to complete the suave spy aesthetic.

Swaggering Your Stuff

Now that you’ve assembled all the elements of your Austin Powers costume, it’s time to support your stuff and unleash your inner mojo. Here are some tips for fully embracing the character:

Confidence is Key

Austin Powers is the personification of confidence. Walk into the room with your head held high, and don’t be afraid to flash that charming smile.

Master the Catchphrases

From “Yeah, baby, yeah!” to “Oh, behave!”—incorporate Austin’s famous catchphrases into your conversations for an extra dose of authenticity.

Dance Like Austin

Austin Powers is known for his signature dance moves. Study some classic ’60s dances and be ready to hit the dance floor with style.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully transformed into the International Man of Mystery! Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply want to add a touch of Austin Powers flair to your life, this costume guide has you covered. So, slip into that velvet suit, lace up those boots, and get ready to unleash your groovy mojo on the world. Yeah, baby, yeah!