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Aqua Costume



Aqua Costume


In the vast realm of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Aqua is the only character who is known and admired for her strong-willed nature and magical powers.

Aqua’s character as a Keyblade Master, takes us along different worlds, with its unique challenges and thrills. Be it the technologically advanced Radiant Garden or the captivating Enchanted Dominion, Aqua is the constant hope and the perfect example of strength and determination.

In this Best Aqua Costume Guide, we will go through the different layers of Aqua’s costume that enhances the visual identity of her character and showcases the significance that is embedded in her outfit.

From the blue color palette to the functional aspects of her armor, everything symbolizes her connection to ice and water. Her costume is not merely clothing; it’s a reflection of her dominance, strength and kindness.

Aqua from Kingdom Heart: Birth by Sleep

Before digging into the essentials of Aqua’s costume, you need to understand her character. She is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Heart: Birth by Sleep, with a dream of becoming a Keyblade Master.

She radiates a sense of responsibility, bravery and resilience. She has a devotion for friends, and we have seen her sacrificing herself for her friend as well. She desires to do right and has a strong sense of justice. Her outfit reflects the image of a skilled warrior and a protector of light.

Essentials of Aqua’s Costume


Aqua’s costume is the core of her personality, that defines strength and boldness at its very core. This costume in black is exactly what you have spotted Aqua wearing in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. The costume features a bodycon, fabricated from polyester fabric, that provides both comfort and breathability. The high neckline with sleeveless sleeves comes down to a fitted wear at the chest and waist, with drawstrings at both the sides. The short length till the thighs offer dominance and style. The fabric of the outfit is quite stretchy and flexible, which makes it look perfect!


The blue color palette leaves its magic all over her personality. This blue hair wig will embrace you with the bold and confident look as hers from the series. The wig is made up from high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, making it natural looking and soft to touch. It is lined with a breathable rose net cap on the inside, that can be adjusted onto almost every head size using adjustable straps given on each end. The texture of the wig is thick and supple, that makes it look like real human hair. The wig features the same style as Aqua’s, that is short and straight blue hair.


Aqua’s costume is all about the dominance and elegance that reflects within. These silver boots are constructed from synthetic materials, styling the same style as Aqua’s footwear from the series. These boots go perfectly with her costume, whilst radiating power and boldness. The boots feature a slip-on wear, with a bold design that adds depicts the same look as hers. The inside of the boots structure soft memory foam insole on the inside, that provides both comfort and cushioning. The durable rubber outsole increases traction and offers a slip-resistant wear.

Cosplay Contacts

Don’t you forget to get your hands on these blue lenses, that will make you imitate the same look as favorite protagonist from the show. The lenses are crafted in premium quality, that offer both breathability and a comfortable wear. The lenses feature a diameter 14.2mm and fits perfectly on your natural eye lens.

Cosplay Keyblade Prop

Aqua’s costume is not only about the armor, but also about the details that sums up the entire look of a Keyblader Master. This keyblade prop is an essential part of her costume, so grab onto it now. It is a manifestation of her magical prowess. This keyblade is designed to serve a focal point during her battles, with a chain tassel and foam pendant (for your safety).


The costume of Aqua, the Keyblade Master from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep depicts the same sturdiness, boldness and power that her character holds. From the core costume to the keyblade prop that enhances her look, everything contributes to her personality. Get your hands on this outfit and unleash the hero within you.

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