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Abby Park Costume



Abby Park Costume


Who here isn’t a big fan of animated movies, eh? No one? Ha, that’s what we assumed!

Animated movies hold a special place in our hearts. Everything about animated movies is so touching; be it the direction, animation, graphics, or characters. There are so many animated characters who have touched our souls and inspired us. One of them is Abby Park.

Abby Park, from the movie Turning Red, is an adorable character. She is one of the three deuteragonists from the movie, alongside Miriam Mendelsohn and Priya Mangal.

What we love the most about her is her wild and chaotic personality. Abby is fun, loving and very supportive of her friends, but she gets angry quite easily. We have seen Abby energized and moody and that’s what makes her one of her kind.

Apart from how fun character she is, we love her dressing sense! As she is short and bulky, she has a round face with brown eyes and fair skin. Her straight black hair, purple outfit and cute accessories completes her look and makes her look adorable.

This Best Abby Park Costume Ideas holds all the essentials that you’d need to complete the same look as Abby’s from Turning Red. Go through the guide and get yourself all the essentials that you’ve been looking for. Dig in.

Essentials for Abby Park Costume


To carry the same adorable look as Abby Park’s from Turning Red, this is the headband that you need to put over your head. This headband is made of good quality plastic that is stretchable and can be fixed onto your head without hurting your scalp. The headband is all glittery and brings out the brighter side of you. It measures approx. 13cm in length and 13cm in width. This purple glittery headband will be a worthy addition to your collection.


This rainbow bracelet is exactly what you’ve spotted Abby Park wearing around her wrist. Get your hands on this one and let all the negativity go away. This bracelet is crafted in high quality braided rope that is fully handmade from durable strings. The bracelet can be adjusted from 6.7inches to 11.5inches, so that it can be fitted onto almost every wrist size.


Accessorize your look with these copper heart shaped earrings that are a must have in every girl’s collection. These earrings are crafted in sterling silver and are further high polished with 14k real gold plating for a lustrous and luxurious appearance. The solid puffed heart drop earrings feature a drop hook closure at the back that ensures secure wear. The clean lines and striking details of the earrings celebrate the spirit of love.


Abby Park is spotted wearing a purple overall in the movie and she looks adorable. This purple overall is constructed from 100% cotton, that makes it lightweight, breathable, and soft. It has an adjustable shoulder suspender with button and a front U-neckline. The cute, exquisite embroidery on the bib adds a mesmerizing look to the overall. The two patch pockets in the front offer ample space to hold onto your essentials.


Wear this pink sweater underneath your overall and look just like Abby Park from Turning Red. This sweater is fabricated from 70% viscose and 30% chinlon that makes it lightweight and cozy. It features a rib knitted turtleneck style collar paired up with a pull-on closure for a relaxed wear. The long sleeves end up with ribbed cuffs and the straight hem with bodice fit perfectly hugs your curves and offer a fitted wear. The tight and elastic fitting ensures both style and comfort. The fabric of the sweater holds moisture wicking technology that keeps you dry and cool all day long. The pink color of the sweater makes it cute and adorable.

Flower Patches

Look how pretty these colorful flower patches are! You have to get them and stick them over your overall to carry the same adorable look as Abby Park’s from Turning Red. These flower patches are made of polyester and can be ironed or sewn on over clothes.


To add authenticity to your Abby Park’s outfit, this is the watch that you need to have in your cart next. This watch features a purple resin case with an LCD display, exactly like Abby Park’s from Turning Red. The watch features a buckle closure with the purple resin strap and is water resistant up to 100m.


Complete your outfit for the day by adding these brown shoes to your outfit. These shoes are constructed from synthetic leather on the outer side, with a cute round toe shape and a plastic strap with a buckle closure. The inner side of the shoes features a soft memory foam insole that ensures to keep your feet cushioned all day long. The durable outsole increases traction and provides a slip-resistant wear.


Get your hands on all the essentials for Abby Park’s costume and there you are, looking just as adorable as her.

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